Irvine 11: Convicted For Being Mean To Israel’s Ambassador to US

“We all know that equality under the law has no meaning anymore, but now you have one more example, one that has serious ramifications for anyone challenging Israeli behavior.”

Dr.Ashraf Ezzat


SANTA ANA, CA - SEPTEMBER 23, 2011: Muslim students stare at the jury after being found guilty of conspiring to disrupt and then disrupting a speech by the Israeli ambassador at UC Irvine.

In the United States of America if you are a brave Muslim and if you peacefully stand up in front of an audience being addressed by an American- born Israeli who supports Israeli war crimes you can be convicted of a crime. On the other hand, if you are a brave Jew or a brave Arab who is smart enough to be surrounded by a few brave Jews, you can peacefully stand up in front of an audience being addressed by an Israeli war criminal and you will not be charged. That which cannot be tolerated is Muslims acting on their own against Israeli usurpation of Muslim and Christian lands. With no Jewish cover, the Muslims have no standing.

On September 23, ten members of the so-called “Irvine 11″ (charges against one of the original eleven students were dropped) were convicted on misdemeanor charges of disrupting a UC Irvine speech by the Israeli ambassador to the United States. That’s what they did, and that believe it or not, in the United States of America and regardless of the first amendment, is now considered a crime.

“Being mean to the Israeli ambassador” to the United States. 

After more than two days of deliberation, an Orange County jury found the ten Muslim young men guilty.

 What these handsome young men did was stand up – already showing more balls by doing so than the American president, Barack Obama has ever shown – and state that the Israeli Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, was supporting war crimes against Palestinians.

This is something that most reasonable people around the world regard as axiomatic. But not in the US, No way. In fact it is now a crime to point this out if you are a Muslim.

According to an attorney for one of the students, the longest of the interruptions lasted roughly 8 seconds, and the total amount of time taken up by their outbursts—combined—was roughly one minute.

That’s one minute too long when you’re talking about Muslim students interrupting the Israeli ambassador to the U.S. to inform him that some people think his country’s policies are unjust, which is illegal, so don’t do it.

In a moment you will come to a short video of what they did. Each one stood up, stated his case in a few seconds, and then peacefully walked away. This was for too much for the host of the event and for the shaky “Israeli” ambassador; more on that Zionist mouth piece will follow.  The Israeli ambassador left the stage while his host chastised members of the audience who take human rights seriously to the cheers of members of the audience who do not.

The Ten little Muslims” were convicted of misdemeanors and sentenced to 56 hours of community service and three years of probation. The judge seems to have been very hesitant to be harsh after the jury found these students guilty of speaking truth to power and noted that if they do the 56 hours within a year they won’t have to do the probation. However, now and after one stupid incident, those students will forever have to answer yes if they are asked by, say, potential employers whether they were ever convicted of a crime.

We all know that equality under the law has no meaning anymore, but now you have one more example, one that has serious ramifications for anyone challenging Israeli behavior.

Here’s the short video I mentioned.

Who is Michael Oren?

Michael Oren

American-born Michael Oren was radicalized at an early age to become an Israeli, serve in the IDF, advocate for Jonathan Pollard and to become a chief Israeli propagandist writing Zionist-filled books on such topics as the June 1967 war – a book with a completely disgraceful chapter on how the poor little Israelis made an innocent mistake when they tried to sink the USS Liberty and kill every man on board.  (Norman Finklestein and James Bamford blew his Zionist allegations out of the water, so to speak. You can read their comments on Oren’s work here and here.

At the age of 15 Oren went to Israel with a Zionist-socialist youth radicalization movement known as Habonim Dror and lived on a kibbutz. No doubt this had a pretty deep impact on him, as he seems to have spent the rest of his life in service to Zionism. In 1978, he worked as an advisor to the Israeli diplomats at the UN and the following year he immigrated to Israel for good.  He joined the IDF in 1979 and served in Israeli’s illegal invasion (and subsequent 22 year occupation) of southern Lebanon. In the 1991 war against Iraq he served as the Israeli liaison to the US Sixth Fleet. And since then he has been engaged as a propagandist for Israel to include working for an outfit in Israel that was affiliated with the notorious racist Meir Kahane.  Oren’s propaganda work included several stints teaching at major US universities including Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service. I guess at Georgetown when they say “Foreign Service” they must mean “serving foreigners”. Imagine this American turn-coat teaching America’s future diplomats how to behave.

Oren, like most Israeli propagandists, loves to do two things, one is play fast and loose with the facts and the other is to invoke the Holocaust to defend Israel’s murderous rampages and constant war mongering. Here is an excellent example of his Zionist propaganda where he plays fast and loose with facts and yells “Holocaust” the whole time. The article is even entitled”Deep Denial: While the Holocaust Still Matters.”  He did get ripped for this; you can see it here for example. It is precisely his defending of Israeli war crimes as he does in this article that the protesters were protesting.

Sources: The Ugly Truth, & Los Angeles Times.

3 thoughts on “Irvine 11: Convicted For Being Mean To Israel’s Ambassador to US

  1. I forgot to mention, “being mean” to someone.

    That is what little kids would yell when I worked in the education system. “Mrs. … Tommy is being MEAN to me!” Usually it was from the younger children who felt they were being bullied. The most frequent calls regarding meanness involved kids in the sandbox and frequently involved the territorial crime of kicking sandcastles over.

    Now just how accurate is that “being mean” to a Zionist sound? Terribly immature, self centred and whiney! Victim persona in full swing mmm?


  2. Well put Colonel.

    And then there is this little ditty I found a few days ago:

    In America: Heckling Israeli ambassador is a crime, heckling President Obama is freedom of speech

    Selective freedom of speech, what a wonderful concept. I grew up with the quaint notion that freedom of speech meant you could speak your mind. I guess I learned the wrong concepts, mm. But, being an old dawg, I cannot change my spots now.

    May these young men never change theirs either. High fives to them all.


  3. The Atlantic article, for which you provided a link, while condemning the lack of “proportionality” in the Israeli response to Hamas rockets sprinkled on Israel, nevertheless referred to Hamas as “terrorists” while it suggested that Israel’s response was “understandable!” This, EVEN THOUGH the article admits that the “response” was ONE HUNDRED TIMES more intense than the Palestinian provocation! Ah, what integrity and even-handedness is evident in American journalism!

    I particularly liked the Jewish professor ( I assumed he was a professor, and he was wearing a yarmulke) who shouted out to the Palestinian students “you’re failing,” and “you failed your exam.” as they left the auditorium. Such noble encouragement to students who had learned to speak truth to power, and to advocate for justice and morality in the world around them! Truly uplifting! They probably did “fail” their exams, and they now have “criminal records,” but if I were they, I would wear these things as badges of honor, not shame. They should say, “I spoke truth to power, what Muhammad referred to as “the best jihad.” I am not ashamed of what I did, and I would do it again! I spoke up for justice in a corrupt and evil society, and I am proud of it!” Any employer who refused them employment because of what they did doesn’t deserve them as employees!!!

    Justice will eventually be done against the evil ones and their agents throughout the world, and it is coming soon. The world is waking up to what they have done to humanity, and what they still intend to do.


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