In Post- Mubarak Egypt, Waterboarding is Kid Stuff

“There was much more to this unique Tahrir square phenomenon than just bread and butter, … there were popular demands to restore a lost dignity.”

Dr. Ashraf Ezzat


The Egyptian Revolution and the epic story of Tahrir square

There are a few academic definitions of “Revolution”… but they all come down to one sentence “Dramatic change in a relatively short period of time”

It could take some time to change the political system of a country; it could take some time to draft a new constitution, elect a new parliament, even a new president … but it will definitely take so many years to get rid of the culture of fear when you have been living for so long in a police state.

It is understandable that criminals usually need rehabilitation, but what is not conceivable is when you find a situation where police officers need to be rehabilitated and retrained to properly serve and protect the people according to a code of ethics that is universally agreed upon.

Torture, was the only department the regimes of the Arab dictators excelled at. When Mr. Bush, the White House criminal launched his stupid crusade, better known as the war on terror, he used to send abducted suspects of the so called al-Qaeda over to Morocco, Egypt and Jordan for innovative techniques of questioning that made waterboarding looked benign.

The Egyptians revolted not against Mubarak per se, rather they protested against living in a police state that acted, not according to the order of law, but under the emergency law, where every suspect is guilty until proven otherwise. And in the mean time he is most likely to be humiliated like never before in his life and stripped of his dignity and pride. And if he was to get out of his imprisonment again, he will likely to walk out as a human wreck.

Of course there were social and economic grievances behind the Egyptian revolution, but there was much more to this unique Tahrir square phenomenon than just bread and butter, … there were popular demands to restore a lost dignity.

The honeymoon between the Egyptian military and the protesters did not last long

The honeymoon between the Egyptian military and the protesters did not last long. Tahrir Square, which had been the scene of jubilant celebrations, soon turned into a battlefield, as the army moved to violently disperse activists, beating them with clubs and electric rods – even firing live ammunition – leading to many casualties.

 Hundreds were dragged away to trucks and thrown in prison. Between January 28 and August 29, almost 12,000 civilians were tried in military tribunals, far more than Mubarak managed in 30 years of dictatorship. Torture by police and military personnel remains widespread with hundreds of cases involving beatings, electrocution, and sexual assault reported.

A video was released lately revealing army and police officers torturing citizens in Kurdi police station in the governorate of Dakahlia (lying north east of Cairo)

The video showed three half naked citizens bound and blindfolded and the officers stepping on them with their shoes. The video then shows an officer form the Special Forces electrocuted the citizens behind on their ears with taser guns, making them scream while they were being interrogated.

The video showed some familiar officers who appeared during the Egyptian January 25 Revolution, from the army, police and the Special Forces.

It is worth mentioning that the two suspects, being tortured in the video, were caught red handed robbing and looting … but I don’t think this fact could make this whole mockery of human rights and legal procedures less reprehensible.  

The Egyptian police/military forces might as well have saved themselves the trouble and bombarded the two men at the crime scene by some drone attacks, as Obama did with this Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen.

But then again, the Awlaki case is no comparison to this Egyptian police misconduct, I mean the suspects were at least brought in for questioning. We have to give the Egyptian police credit for that.

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10 thoughts on “In Post- Mubarak Egypt, Waterboarding is Kid Stuff

  1. I must disagree on one point made here. Criminal Bush is referred to as “clueless”. The man was as sadistic as they come and it was HIS job to know what was happening to these prisoners he sent to Arab torturers.

    Once he was asked about where he got his information and he commented that he had people to read the papers and relay the events of the day to him. However, he always took an inordinate interest in matters of abuse and torture. He was also glued at the hip to Cheney, a verified sadist and torturer who would have also known the truth of these matters.

    I believe they not only knew what was done but that they used these torturers so they could pass the buck under the guise of ignorance of what went on.

    “Clueless”? I think not.

    A friend of mine tells me Cairo is rampant with crime and that the police are totally criminal as well. He adds it has been much worse since the planned demolition known as the Egyptian revolution went south. We can only pray for positive change but methinks the whole world is falling into the same sinkhole of horror …..


  2. I totally agree with Nooralhaqiqa. Bush, Cheney, Obama, Biden … NONE of them are “clueless,” and ALL are major criminals. If they weren’t criminals, they wouldn’t ever have gained high office! They should all be in prison. She also called the “Egyptian Revolution” a “planned demolition!” Absolutely! The “revolutions” now taking place all over the world are all designed to bring about more complete tyranny. The chaos they create makes people long for order and peace … at any price. The nearly inevitable result will be an iron-fisted dictator much worse then the dictator who was “overthrown.” Some current “revolutions,” however, are merely cover for naked aggression. The “revolution” in Libya, for instance, was designed as a cover for neo-colonial domination of Africa by Europe, especially the Jewish finance oligarchs.

    Some “revolutions” are designed to co-opt already brewing revolutions so that the Jewish oligarchs can control and manage them, or even prevent them from happening. It is the strategy “fight fire with fire.” Just as firefighters in forests set fires to burn areas so that a real forest fire will not have anything to burn in the already burned areas, and will thus be stopped, these “revolutions” are designed to defuse and redirect the rage of restive populations so that the real revolution is defeated before it begins. The “Occupy Wall Street” “revolution” now going on, with demonstrations in more than 300 cities worldwide, falls into this category. The original “demonstrations” in New York City were all staged by the police precisely to inspire similar “demonstrations” elsewhere. This was done partly to foster violent rebellion which could then be savagely crushed by the police and military under Martial Law, or, failing that, to discredit and frustrate legitimate protest, prompting the non-rebelling majority of people in the countries affected to demand that the government “get tough” with the demonstrators, thus bringing about worse tyranny. But above all it was done to control the agenda of the demonstrators. You will notice that, so far, none of the “Occupy Wall Street” protesters have identified the true causes of what they are protesting, namely the demise of the U.S. Constitution, which has cleared the way for unlimited abusive governmental power, and the role of Jewish finance oligarchs in bankrupting the country and stealing its wealth for themselves. Instead, the demonstrators rail at the “banksters” without identifying them, and while “ending the Fed” would be a nice gesture, it’s a bit like closing the barn door once all the horses in the barn have escaped. America is bankrupt, wallowing in a level of debt that is practically eternal, and no longer has an industrial base with which either to restart its economy or begin paying back its unimaginable debt. Ending the Fed is too little, too late. America has been transformed nearly overnight into a poor third-world country, but a third-world country with an enormous military machine, like the former Soviet Union. America’s military machine, however, is only being sustained by our “government’s” continual borrowing from China, our strategic, and believe me, our implacable enemy.


  3. Colonel Mosby,

    George Soros is behind the Wall Street sit ins. Just take a check.

    JP Morgan gave the NYPD a HUGE paycheck the night before things began to heat up. All are documented by now.

    Ty Ashraf. Smiles.


  4. Noor,

    Both Soros and JP Morgan Chase qualify as “the government,” because they OWN it! It’s likely Soros will use Occupy Wall Street to get Obama another four treasonous years in the Emperorship, … er, presidency. The JP Morgan bank blatantly BRIBED the NYPD to continue to carry out their role in the “government psyop”.


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    if you knew where I could find a captcha plugin for my comment form?
    I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having
    trouble finding one? Thanks a lot!


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