Chomsky on “Occupy Wall Street” and Israel Imminent Collapse

– U.S in vicious cycle of social & economic issues, it’s about time for some protest.

– Israel now on the way to South Africa style isolation.

– U.S backed dictators but shifted policy when they were overthrown.

– EU takes cowardly stance unwilling to oppose U.S position.


Noam Chomsky

In an interview with RT’s Marina Portnaya, prominent scholar Professor Noam Chomsky gives his take on some of the world’s political hot topics.

Chomsky vividly shares his reflections on the wall street protests and warns of an impending serious poverty and real unemployment similar to the great depression, he talks about the 2012 American presidential campaign spending and how positions in both the white house and the congress are being bought, not earned and he refers to the killing of Osama Bin Laden and how this marks a shift of American policy from Bush’s abducting and torturing whoever the CIA thought posed a threat to the U.S to Obama’s “just kill `em when you spot `em” approach regardless of the legalities overlooked in the process.

He concludes that the killing of Osama Bin Laden was done, in such a way, as to infuriate, and may be implicate the Pakistani military, something he seriously regards as extremely dangerous.

In regard to the Arab spring, Chomsky acknowledges that the U.S and its western allies did not support the Tunisian or the Egyptian revolutions; rather they opposed them, and backed the dictator till the last minute and then shifted policy when they were overthrown.

Pinning its hopes on the sole support of the US, Chomsky warns “the Zionist state would risk a collapse if that support was to be withdrawn or compromised – much like apartheid-era South Africa.” ­He recalls how South Africans felt safe to ignore a UN embargo and corporations pulling out of their country throughout the 1980s, as long as the Reagan administration continued to support them.

As soon as the US withdrew its support, the apartheid regime collapsed. “For 35 years, the US and Israel have been rejecting a political settlement that is supported virtually by the entire world.

A couple of months ago, there was a meeting of the oligarchs — people who pretty much run the economy of Israel,” Chomsky says, “and they warned the government that it better accept something like this resolution, because otherwise, Israel will be, as they put it, South Africanized: even more isolated, with boycotts, refusal to load ships, and their economy will collapse.”

10 thoughts on “Chomsky on “Occupy Wall Street” and Israel Imminent Collapse

  1. Chomsky also believes that Oswald killed JFK. For a man of Chomsky’s brilliance to sign on to that lie indicates that he is just another gatekeeper.

    Chomsky believing that who did 911 does not matter is like Einstein believing the world is flat.

    For myself, Chomsky does not matter.


  2. I respect Noam Chomsky, but I don’t trust him. I still remember his reaction, over and over again, to suggestions that people in the U.S. government and Israel had roles in the attacks of 9-11. His response was always, “It doesn’t matter.” “It’s irrelevant,” or something similar. Irrelevant? Doesn’t matter? It doesn’t matter that, with the excuse of those attacks, the U.S. launched two major wars and a global “War on Terror” that has resulted in the deaths, displacement, torture, destitution, disfigurement, genetic damage (from depleted uranium munitions), starvation, homelessness and otherwise immeasurable suffering of millions of people throughout the Middle East and beyond, the permanent blight of America’s image in the world, the stunting and ruin of its economy, and incredible upheaval? None of that matters?? THEN WHAT DOES MATTER to Chomsky? Apparently, the survival of Israel matters, and oh . . . let’s not forget the Palestinians!! The Israelis and U.S. should support the “Two state solution.” After all, the whole world does! Then Israel can keep its settlements built on the bones of Palestinians, their ancient towns and cities, their ancient olive orchards, and the Palestinians will be satisfied! Never mind that the Palestinians ALREADY have a state, a state that endured for THOUSANDS OF YEARS, that has been usurped and destroyed by fanatical, criminal invaders aided and abetted by foreign governments for a little over ONE HUNDRED YEARS! But Israel should be preserved at all costs! Why? What earthly right does Israel have to exist? Because GOD says so? Whose God? Where did “God” say so? Oh, yes . . . in the “Holy Books”!!! I wish we could ask God, who I believe really does exist, about this. “Do you approve of this, Lord.?” “Do You approve of what Israel and the Western nations have done in Palestine?” “Do You approve of their murder of generations of Palestinians and the theft of their land?” Anyone who still has a conscience in this wicked world, and who listens to his heart, the only place God can ever be found, knows what God’s answer would be.


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