Bin Laden Fictional Film Comes To An End

“The war on terrorism merchandise has been on the market for too long; but with more intellectuals debunking it, and as time went by, and profits went down this product of high tech-deception was approaching its shelf expiry date. In other words the Bin Laden version of fear/submission warfare had to be withdrawn from the market and declared over and done with, successfully that is”

“This bad movie that we have been watching for ten years now was losing on the top ranking and had to be pulled out from world political theatres”


Dr. Ashraf Ezzat

Wanted not alive but definitely dead, Bin Laden had to be declared finally captured and killed.

The end of a dreary fiction

Almost ten years since 9/11 has passed. A long decade through which the whole world have been following day to day main stream media-or mania, that is- coverage of the so called war on terrorism.

Unlike most declared and waged wars through history this war on terrorism obscured the perception of ordinary people for it specifically lacked one essential element of the definition of embattling namely, an obvious and tangible enemy.

The most sophisticated and devastating terrorist operation in history has been clumsily and conveniently nailed against one person alone.

To our disappointment it was not the joker, the comic book super villain; it was Osama Bin Laden, the frail and gloomy bearded renegade who along with a bunch of so called mujahideen dwelled in the caves of Afghanistan- a country that virtually never existed in the geographical memory of most Americans- formed a group of a handful of professional guerrilla fighters, close to Sylvester Stallone’s “the expendables”, said to be capable of destroying the west and ruling over the world.

There is no denying that 9/11 attacks are the most huge and ugliest terrorist operations ever and so are the conspiracy behind them.

The Expendables

Throughout the last ten years we have not been merely following the military operations of this futile and senseless war on terrorism, rather we were desperately trying to grasp some sort of purpose or any meaning for it altogether.

The United States and allies stumbling through a series of utter failures and embarrassments along this crusade against Bin Laden have realized that this farcical war has unbelievably dragged out to the point of endangering the very rationale and reasoning behind it, and why it started in the first place.

The war on terrorism merchandise has been on the market for too long; with more intellectuals debunking it, and as time went by, and profits went down this product of high tech- deception was approaching its shelf expiry date. In other words the Bin Laden version of fear/submission warfare had to be withdrawn from the market and declared over and done with, successfully that is.
The white house with its shrewd politicians realized that this Bin Laden saga was dwindling away and beginning to lose its grip on people.

Too many anti- 9/11 theses, too many solid conspiracy theories undermining the 9/11 official report in what seemed like a counter-attack by internet battalions of critical blogging and punditocracy began to sway people’s mindset about 9/11.

Playing back “war on terrorism” video picks

Playing backward the war on terrorism video we would probably discover that we are watching some sort of fiction- and not a very good one, I have to say.
Along this awfully long film, not based on a truly honest story, we could stop for moments of discernment as we hit the button and freeze on chosen shots like the following:

– The collapse of world trade center –WTC- buiding7 like a house of cards in 6.5 seconds long after the fall of the twin towers.
– Forensics and experts pointing the finger at missile attacks on the Pentagon.
– Invasion of Iraq 2003 instead of invading Saudi Arabia- Osama Bin Laden’s native country.
– The United States and allies failing to find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq but nonetheless managed to massively destroy Iraq for Israel’s sake.
– The American troops and allies in Afghanistan with a mission impossible of trying to drive their indigenous tribes – Taliban- out of the country, a silly mission but sold to the Americans as the reasonable tactic of this military crusade.
– Weapons and opium sales hit new world records as American troops, military contractors and war lords have become the new holders of the Afghani poppy fields’ franchise.
– General Stanley A. McChrystal – US former commander of American and allied troops in Afghanistan- getting high smoking poppy, and in a rare moment of naked truth, began to see the scene in Afghanistan as it really is and sarcastically slammed this whole war and ridiculed the whole bunch of politicians in Washington who had geared it in the first place.
– American soldiers bored with this pathetic mission of fighting natives -who probably never heard of New York before, let alone Ground Zero – began to kill Afghanis for fun and collect their fingers as trophies.
– Wikileaks- or wikidleaks- revealing tons of confidential military documents targeting and accusing Pakistan – one of Israel’s strategic enemies – as not doing enough to help the United States eliminate this super Bin Laden so that the boys could pack up and go home to America.
– Recent massive jail break in Kabul with hundreds of Taliban leaders and top operatives on the loose again bringing those years of American military operations back to scratch.

There is a lot more footage like of drones killing civilians in Pakistan and hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians killed in Iraq … etc, to be replayed and discerned again on this mythical hunt of Bin Laden but that would take time and skills available only to guys at wikileaks.

Bin Laden, the end of a dreary fiction

War on terrorism

 Lately this movie-like plot of the die hard-Bin Laden was waning away and getting boringly overstreched it had to come to an immediate end one way or another. It had to come to an end before more people, with their perception not obscured any more, start wondering what all that devastation and chaos got to do with capturing a single man.

This bad movie that we have been watching for ten years now was losing on the top ranking and had to be pulled out of world political theatres.

There was no way for this world hunt and this war of terror to end without a moment of apparent victory, the huddled masses of viewers of this terribly long movie had to be given a good finale.

They had to be given a catch worthy of their time, taxes and most of all their believing it happened the way it was told.

Wanted not alive but definitely dead, Bin Laden had to be declared finally captured and killed.

"Bin Laden II" released soon in all political theatres

But to get this done and over with without leaving any trace or a chance for someone to doubt or investigate the war on terrorism story, the white house and CIA officials, like what they did back in 9/11 quickly getting rid of the debris of the collapsed towers that contained valuable forensic evidences and clues as to how those gigantic towers were demolished in seconds the CIA took the body of Osama Bin Laden and in less than 24 hours got rid of it and buried it at the bottom of the sea.

Reminiscent of the mafia way of getting rid of the ones they kill out of fear they would squeal on them, and In a critical and long waited for moment of capturing an extremist Muslim and international terrorist, the United States ironically decided to observe the Muslim traditions of burying the dead as soon as possible and to honor Bin Laden by dumping his body at the bottom of the sea.

And exactly as this fictional movie started with a hasty statement from the white house that it was Osama bin laden who pulled off 9/11, the end came quite similarly hasty as president Obama emerged from the white house and with a victorious grin on his face announced “Tonight, I can report to the people of the United States and the world, the United States had carried an operation that has killed Osama bin Laden, a terrorist responsible for killing thousands of innocent people”

End of Bin Laden film. Lights on again and time to take a short break before we start watching another episode of this Bin Laden saga.
The United States has decided it was time to pull the shades down on this going nowhere anymore plot but it won’t be long before the release of Ben Laden part II that will hit the world political theatres by the title of “ Ben Laden’s Affiliates … The Hunt Goes On”

5 thoughts on “Bin Laden Fictional Film Comes To An End

  1. There seems to be no end to the lengths the U.S. Government will go to to confuse their own people and the rest of the world. The story about Bin Laden and al-Qaeda must be seen as a smoke screen so they can go and invade any country that doesn’t support their interests or a country that has oil that they need/want to control.
    The U.S. government is supported by big banks, the Zionist Israeli lobbyists, oil companies and many other powerful people. I believe it’s about trans national capitalism and I am not sure how much real power the U.S. government has…they need the mentioned groups support to get elected and there is another election coming up very soon. Also it seems national interests are not the main concern when all these companies are owned by various groups around the world. So one could say it’s not just the U.S. invading those unfortunate countries like Iraq and Afghanistan.
    I just read that Hilary Clinton said they are still going after members of al-Qaeda. From my understanding no such homogeneous group exits. It’s a collection of people all over the world who for what ever reason cause trouble and who knows who they are really working for.
    The average American citizen does not understand what is really going on due to the propaganda from the U.S. media. They are confused and frightened because they are losing their homes, health care standards, pension funds, education standards and feel very threatened. They are encouraged to think it’s some outside influence and there are people who promote religious hatred to further their own agenda.
    The system is becoming more corrupt and out of the recent world economic crisis..caused by currupt banking practices… and I think it’s the ordinary citizens who are suffering as a consequence all over the world. The only people who ‘win’ are the rich and powerful.
    We need to look at how the Egyptians behaved recently when Christians and Muslims fought together and succeeded in overthrowing an installed dictator..they figured out the dynamic of false flag terrorists and I think this applies to the rest of the world…we must unit as one and understand we are all being duped


  2. Dr.,

    Glad I came across your blog. . .quite entertaining. I can see from the comments of noger, who appears to be your most ardent critic, that if one of your entries is a tad boring I’ll be able to amuse myself reading nogar.

    I liked your Bin-Laden-as-“Bad-Movie” analogy. Pity he PROBABLY died (I’m 99.99% sure) back in Dec 2001 from complications from kidney failure/dialysis. Pity about the story changing all the time and the photoshopped Satelite dishin the compound etc., etc.


  3. I fail to see what’s Obama’s photo with the brown skin peeling off his face got to do with the capture and assassination of Osama B”L. Would appreciate a clarification.


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