The exodus from Egyptology

The Egyptian civilization hardly registered nor mentioned any reference of the Israeli- or their dramatic exodus – as if they never existed, or maybe existed but not in the glorified way depicted by the Jewish authors in the bible.

via The exodus from Egyptology.

3 thoughts on “The exodus from Egyptology

  1. As an author and researcher of egyptology and Biblical evidence I challenge your comments. Just because there have been inaccuracies in past evidence there has been more overwhelming evidence that can’t be ignored. for one it is the musem in Egypt of a pharaoh drowning in salt water, two the evidence at Jabel el lawz in north western Saudia Arabia has substantiel archeological evidence for the Israelites, The Saudis keep this area hidden and fenced off not allowing access. Three Nuewba beach in Egypt host artifacts on the sea floor of Chariot remains confirmed By Hussien the head of Archelogical research in 1978 to be chariot parts from the 19th dynasty. There are markers on both Egypt side and saudi sides that mark the Exodus route with one coloum using anciet hebriac inscription that have the name Solomon Mezrayim (Egptians) Jehovah, etc. Author David Wohl has proven with new evidence the proper dynasty at the time of the Exodus. I could go on but you may not like that, and perhaps you won’t post this. I have new book called “Yam Suph” that will also correct the issue regarding the sea of reeds. try to remember we are supposing to be brothers or perhaps distant cousins I know muslims regard Moses (Musa) to be a prophet and so the Koran teaches you to believe a prophet the Koran also states that Israel would return to her home land.
    Regards author Steven DeNoon


    1. “in the musem in Egypt of a pharaoh drowning in salt water”

      …First I strongly doubt that you are a researcher in Egyptology, for the simple fact that all ancient Egyptian mummies had been immersed in an abundant quantities of salt, part of the embalming porcess to drain water out of the corpse.
      That is a scientific common knowledge my dear author of fallacies.


  2. thanks doctor et al, some details are new to me, when i was in my teens i taught myself some hebrew after starting to read the bible fairly seriously, using the directions landmarks and distances given in the script i could never plot where the places were and in all the maps place names were invariably written with a question mark, things started to make sense only whilst reading a book entitled “the bible came from arabia” where all the ‘missing’ places were located exactly down to situation, description, other landmarks and distances, the zionists are like the proverbial cuckoo bird, making use of others’ expertise etc and claiming it as their own


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