Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth hit the American mainstream



One thought on “Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth hit the American mainstream

  1. Bollyn’s analytic conclusion of therm(a)ite being sprayed on as well as applied by other methods is correct. The more recent vintage nano-thermite micro-sized chips being found in the dust throughout Manhattan after 9-11-2001 were from recent impact-sight-level-only charges AND PERHAPS in barrels placed at different levels in the buildings to flavor the smokescreen. As with the Chicago Sears Tower, these buildings were rigged during construction. (ANYBODY CHECKED OUT THE SEARS TOWER YET OR ARE YOU STILL MEWLING AND CALLING ME NAMES BEHIND MY BACK?? GET ON IT. PRETEND YOU ARE GOING TO THE FAIR OR SOMETHING You all are far closer than I, but if you pay my plane fare, I will lead the charge and allow myself to be publically burned at the stake if I lie. Quite a deal for about $800.00 round trip.) And, if that isn’t whack enough for you, they had commercially designed nukes in the basements. The Sears Tower nukes are probably long gone. I have known this for over 40 years as an outsider. The painters did not know what they were spraying on, but the material supplier did. Dr. Ed Ward (NOT Ed Ward.) prepared an absolutely essential series on the technology behind these nuke devices, whose presence was proved by melted steel cars with intact tires and paintjobs as well as melted flesh on victims in the basements. FEMA was in place to provide false Geiger readings. They are by any definition treasonous murderers. Muslims and Arabs did NOT do this. The people who set these charges up are all over 70 years old and brittle.
    And like I mentioned elsewhere, it is silly to believe that walls, entire ceilings, ventilation systems, plumbing and electrical services and asbestos were carefully removed to critically place and spray on demolitions before fusing, and then reapplying the asbestos, restoring the plumbing, ventilation systems, electrical services, etc. before rebuilding the walls, replastering, painting, installing wall coverings in places, all with furniture in the room and having it all dust free and dry by the morning shift for a total of over 280 floors of active office space. Witnesses’ lives are in your hands.
    Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth, STOP DRAGGING YOUR FEET! There are over 2,000 of you pros who could simultaneously nation-wide gather crowds big enough to get the job done. You are making life dangerous out here for any and all witnesses. You had 9 years to creep out and start whispering things. GET LOUD! CALL PEOPLE NAMES!! EXPRESS ANGER! GET IT OUT! The Zionist media will not help you and Pres. Obama is one of their stick-puppets. The N.Y. Port Authority who hired the in-family ‘Asbestos Repair Team’ to”repair asbestos” just before 9-11 were a demolitions outfit by trade. Get a crowd in front of the White House. Contact the State Grand Jury. The Federal Grand Jury has probably been taken over by something diseased. Call your military buddies. Only a small minority believe in Pres. B.O..
    The general citizenry don’t give a shit about anything beyond satisfaction of their own appetites. Get used to it. Remember Dresden. Injustice and racism inflicted overseas is rapidly destroying the U.S.. AS PROS, you guys can have an impact on enough of the congress and military to stop the mewling and get down to business.
    Don’t waste time with grass-roots. The public only want to be fed. Universities are different. Them kids can think.
    Turns out the group who did 9-11 did the DH in the GOM as well. Timothy McVeigh’s mentor, Andreas Strassmeir (Who was seen loading columns in the basement parking lot of the Murrow building hours before detonations) and Mohammed Atta , the ‘lead 9-11 terrorist’ were both in the same American-German airforce officer exchange program. This program was headed up by D. Rocky and H. Kissanger. You should hear these guys talk. It pays to be whitey. It also turns out that many Northern Europeans had a natural immunity to the Black Plague of the mid 14th century. They lived. Turns out this natural immunity works with AIDS and H1N1 viruses.. Both courtesy of Ft. Detrick. But I wouldn’t test this report outside a Petri Dish.

    We must move faster and with more GUSTO. These psychos will always be unfit for membership in a free society.


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