Dawn of Conscience


The moral judgement of the dead according to ancient Egyptian theology – notice the scale and weighing of the deceased heart ritual before the Osirian court .. in what seemed like the first ever representation of the afterlife judgement day

“Homage to thee …
o thou lord of brightness
thou who art at the head
of the great house …
prince of night and of thick darkness …
he comes to thee being a pure soul …
..o, grant thou unto him
His mouth that he may speak therewith,
At the season when there are clouds
And darkness …”

Verses from the ancient Egyptian coffin texts

As we look back into human beginnings we discover at once that man began as an unmoral savage. How did it come about that he ever gained any moral dictates or eventually submitted to the moral mandate when once it had arisen? How did a world totally without any vision of character rise to social idealism and learn to listen with reverence to voices within?
The ancient documents which furnish an answer to these questions, and which reveal the origins of our inherited ideals …are to be looked for in ancient Egypt.
They disclose the dawn of conscience, the rise of the earliest ideals of conduct, and the resulting Age of Character
It is now quite evident that the ripe social and moral development of mankind in the Nile Valley, which is three thousand years older than that of the Hebrews, contributed essentially to the formation of the literature which we call the Old Testament. Our moral heritage therefore derives from a wider human past enormously older than the Hebrews, and it has come to us rather through the Hebrews rather than from them.
The rise of man to social idealism took place long before the traditional theologians’ “age of revelation” began. It was a result of the social experience of man himself and was not projected into the world from the outside; rather it dawned upon us from ancient Egypt.

James Henry Breasted (1865-1935)
American archeologist and Egyptologist

From his book “dawn of conscience

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6 thoughts on “Dawn of Conscience

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  3. Kindly, face the facts, and stop suppressing the information that others try to tell you. You have to connect all the hints and clues given to you by the Ancient texts, all over the world, and in archetecture and ruins all over the Planet.

    The fact is that, Egypt was NOT the “Dawn” there was another civilization BEFORE them – whatever name you give them. …call it Atlantis, or even before them, Lemuria (although, I’m sure they did not call themselves that). All the data, information suppressed!

    It’s time you open you Mind, and stop believing the lies of tptb and what our real history is.

    It’s OBVIOUS tptb have a virulent hatred towards Humanity,m by what they’re doing to us, right now.

    As you can see by current events, and their behaviour towards THE People, The viruses manufactured in labs, the forced vaccines, the chemtrails, the Gulf Wars in the Middle East, the BP Gulf Oil disaster, Monsanto seeds and destruction of the soil, TSA, the forced sexual education in grade schools, the police abuse on people NOT even associated with Occupy Wall Street, the Banksters, the continual use of nuclear power in spite of what’s happening in Fukushima, and the fracking even in well-known Faults/Zones.

    My God! Why should you believe them anymore!

    Why should People, trust tptb ANYMORE!


  4. “Dawn of Conscience | Pyramidion” T I S was in fact
    really pleasurable and instructive! Within todays society
    that’s quite hard to manage. Many thanks, Nelly


  5. What a joke. Egypt and morals is an oxymoron. The Hebrew’s and their G-d created morals silly. Egypt was total impurity. What a silly website


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