Tunisians Overthrow 23 years of dictatorship

The regime of Ben Ali couldn’t stand in the way of the Tunisians once they have decided –as a united nation- to overthrow him and start anew with dignity and equality that they have been denied for a long time. While the whole world was literally watching, Tunisia has earned the right to start anew as real democracy.

via Tunisians Overthrow 23 years of dictatorship.

Muslim Human Shields to Protect Egyptian Christians

Muslim Human Shields to Protect Egyptian Christians.

“The terrorist attack on Alexandria church was highly planned and professionally executed and the culprits seemed to have worked out a thoroughly detailed operation but they missed out on one vital detail, namely the culture and traditions of Egyptians”

Israeli Spying Network Uncovered in Egypt Days Before Church Blast

Israeli Spying Network Uncovered in Egypt Days Before Church Blast VIDEO.

People in Egypt don`t have to waste their time suspecting and accusing al Qaeda, ..Egyptians know better, .. they know that al Qaeda is a joke, …they only point the finger at Israel, the one implacable enemy who happened to be the conspirator behind destabilizing Iraq and the whole region.